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Get your Edgar Morris Face: Premier Skin Care Products for all People of ColorCongratulations, you are about to enter the world of Edgar Morris Corrective Skin Care Systems.  Edgar Morris is the Premier skin care products for all People of Color. What was once only available in one of Mr. Morris' Skin Care Clinics, is now available for you to purchase directly.

Once people would travel thousands of miles to have a consultation with Mr. Morris and to purchase his products. This consultation and a selection of his facial products would have cost well over $400.00.

These same products, with an instructive video featuring Mr. Morris showing how to use these products on a "Step by Step" basis, are now available to you for only $85.00. Purchased separately the products would cost over $200.00.

There are 4 facial kits. Each kit addresses a specific skin care problem or concern. There is also a Body Kit, available for only $70.00, which works on alleviating discoloration and scaring on the body's skin.

On the following pages you will find additional helpful  information. It includes Edgar Morris's own personal story, a description of the different kits, the products in each of those kits, and the benefits of each of those products. This will help you decide which kit is right for you!

Edgar Morris maintains a staff of trained skin care consultants that are ready to help you at any time deciding which products are right to treat your individual skin care problem.  You can reach a personal consultant by calling 888-320-7546 any weekday between 8:00 am and 5:00 PM Pacific time.  


P.O. Box 107
Covina, CA 91723
(888) 320-SKIN Toll Free
(909) 394-3361
(909) 394-3362 Fax

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